Florida House Bill 4039 Will Outlaw Hypnosis

On Thursday, January 13, 2011 while I was celebrating my 40th birthday, a young whelp out of Miami (Jose-Felix Diaz) filed a bill in the Florida State House of Representatives to outlaw my favorite activity: hypnosis.

E.T. Exists!

Extraterrestrial life exists, and it is quite easy to prove. Let me show you how.

For the purposes of this argument, let's assume that life is defined by the smallest particles we know of that are capable of reproduction: DNA, RNA, and amino acids. I could argue for a broader definition of life, (and one day here I will) but these will suffice for now.

Life Can Begin Now

Life begins at forty.

Oxymoronic. Idiotic. Yet it's said often enough. Now that I have reached this arbitrary birthday-with-a-zero-at-the-end, I suppose it can't hurt to take it to heart, at least to a point.

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